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Overgrow Usa Found! It's Detroit! For Blacks 18-35, Whose

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convictions prevent employment in auto or jail-building, and lacking other thriving industry in our city that might hire a guy with convictions who has kids and a woman, the combo of a law allowing 1 ounce per adult, and the absence of other requirements to grow is making our unfair, corrupt city OVERGROW USA.

People go where the posssibilities and incentives send them for $, and here that means weed.

Not smoking it, cause 35% of black 18-35s have to drop--so they grow, but don't smoke.  (There's no drop to check for growing). 

There is no back yard patrol to check for the greenery folks don't mow, so in the absence of jobs parolees do what is available--and it's weed, and smoke, and OverGrow.


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and that is a good enough reason to stay informed and IMHO out of 135,000 + card holders only about 1% know what is really going on i wear my MMMA  button so that all can see

and people ask about it all the time saying they are also Legal ( i say we where too) it does start a conversion But sometimes some may think i am scaring them 


Am i scaring them or educating them ??

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Don't worry i think the D is about to be rained on soon but first things first they have to get the D ready and Orr will fix it and then governor will send in the Michigan State Police to fix the rest 


Its been cloudy and getting more grim since about 1963. Maybe it was this moment right here: It was 50 yrs ago on June 23, 1963 that MLK made his first

famous "I have a dream" speech right here in the D!


Though More likely it was the "Race Riots" that ensued in 1967 that gave us the Black Eye. What do we call this? the Death Blow? for Democracy?

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