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Ortho Pain.

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I've been treating and suffering for seventeen years with what I have come recently to believe is a costotransverse joint injury. There is very good reason to believe that one or more ligaments in or around the joint is/are torn. I will consult with my orthopedist next week and tell him that I want diagnostics performed to confirm. The medical professions have persistently missed it. Has anyone else had experience with this?

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my doc says mri is the way to test for ligament problems.

i asked the doc how much for an mri , he said $1200!

Thank you. Aren't you covered by medicare or other insurance??


I will have my guy rx an mri to find the tear(s). There was recent cause for me to do that with a tear in my hip. He seemed amazed that I called it. House has nothing on me. I have a hard time understanding how the injury has not been properly dx'd already. I've lost count of the doctors I've seen about it, many who have been highly recommended, and have come to insist on being persistent with managing my own care, even when they are obviously offended by a damm patient who has the brass to tell it like it is (though I carefully do my homework first). I hope you can find your way to doing the same.


For those who bad mouth the Affordable Care Act, fuk 'em all. That they would let us suffer while they shout and pout is inhumane. They don't deserve to live. Next year you, trix, my wife, and many others who now go without urgently needed care will be finally relieved of that cruel burden. If for no other reason, my hat is off to President Obama.


Now if we could only get some quality medical direction here from a legitimate and respected professional in the field...


Then I woke up.

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