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Gage Green Limited Drop 6-20-13

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Just a heads up if anyone is trying to acquire some Gage Green beans they are doing a few new clone only crosses from the west coast to their proprietary breeding males.  Grape Stomper's and grape Stomper OG's, and JoJo OG males.


I know they are only doing very limited drops..I think the UK seedbanks only got like a half dozen packs of each on this round.  Attitude will be getting slightly more but not much more.


I highly suggest trying to grab these new hybrids.  i copped the Ocean Beach OG today prior to them hitting the market thru my bank connection.  the new packs are going for I think 69.99 UK Pound.


Check them out on facebook for more details.

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Thanks for the heads up! 

If all goes as planned I will finally get to pop a few GG seeds! 


If you want to get a pack Be sitting at your computer at 2 times.  High life seeds is doing their drop at 4:20 UK time.  Attitude is dropping I believe around 9 or 10 am UK time.  remember they are 6 hours ahead of us I believe. 


So what this means is that your probably going to have to stay up.  I have a luxury of getting beans direct from Gage to test and if there is a strain I want i am lucky enough to have relationships built with a few of the banks so they allow me to access the beans prior to the drops going live.


I will say this...High life only received like 6 of the Ocean Beach OG,  and the same of the Blue Diesel x stomper OG mix and then the same amount of the Clone only cali strain called "odsyssey" x JoJo OG.  Not sure if  I spelled that word right odyssey..hmmm..


Anyways i have stayed up all night waiting for drops from Gage.  Pretty much anything with Grape Stomper, Grape Stomper OG, JoJo OG and few others sell out literally within minutes of the drops going live.   So don't be mad if you miss it they go quick.


gage does not do drops of the thousands like DNA or GreenHouse for many reasons.  Because they have ELITE stock they do not want it getting redubbed like all the European banks do.  For example DinaFEm puts out quality re-works but still it is a re-work.  Not dogging DinaFem they do very good work and have very stable lines but it is not pioneer work.  So gage will go quickly.


The stuff that gage has on the banks that has not sold out of is just parts to links in their breeding programs like Miss Columbia or some of their other stand alone strains.  Anything you see that is sold out is 95% PURE FIRE.  I hate that word but it is what all people use.


Good Luck hunting.  If you have any questions hit me up.  I copped the Ocean Beach OG from Gage Green.  The test results were pretty good.  I paid 69.99 UK pounds.  And don't even flinch about it because they are seriously an amazing group of people.  I have run all the big boys and all this FEM crap is just that.  Another thing..I bought 91 Krypt OG DNA only 3 out of 6 made it to dirt.  I did not pop, and lost 2 once in cocoa.  And I am not an amateur crackin beans.  I swear the bigger these companies get the less I have desire to even touch their hermie Fem pre-disposed shiet.!!!  lol

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MCM: i say this in the politest way: you, sir, are a a seed fanatic.  i'm amazed at your knowlege of strains like i am in shock at heath's grows.

Who is heath's grows..?  Lost ya on that one. 


But yeah if you want go grow the best you have to seek the best.  And just because somke guy bought a clone from some as- clown that talked up some beat up clone does not make it Dank.  Sadly...it probably is not.  Lots of talkers in this business.



I have burned thru a lot of packs and like this week had to part with a half dozen clones to crack some new gear to make it work with my numbers but it is just like lots of things in life it is all about the numbers.  If you want to find FIRE it requires going thru pack, after pack after pack.  I wish that all phenos were the same but that is far from the truth.  Just because i for say for example I boughtPurple OG18 from DNA it does not mean it will be the one that everybody talks about or see's pics of.  To get the ones in pics requires lots of detailed work and patience.  Each strain has to be run a few times and of course cloned and labeled to see what is what.


i wish I had a connection that could supply me with PURE DANK clones..but sadly I have not found anyone that can supply clean TRUE FIRE on a consistent basis.  That is why I have to take the long road and order beans.  And when i say supply I mean someone that like myself has NEVER had MITES, thrips, or aphids, molds or mildews.  Sadly not many can say this.  So I just crack a pack about every month or so.   It cuts my numbers down but I can adjust the vegging and feeding and lighting to make it all work out.

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