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Pigs Fed Marijuana In Washington


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Pigs Fed Marijuana in Washington


With Washington’s legal marijuana program will come a significant amount of waste– excess stems, roots, and leaves of marijuana plants that will need to be disposed of.  In an attempt to come up with a creative solution, farmer Susannah Gross has decided to start feeding the waste to her pigs.  The result?  The marijuana-munching pigs are fatter than the pigs who have not been given marijuana, and their meat allegedly tastes better.




Four months ago, Gross began putting marijuana-waste in with her pigs’ feed.  At the end of their lives when they were sent for slaughter, the pigs that were given marijuana weighed 20 to 30 pounds more than their siblings.  Gross attributed that to the pigs having the munchies.


The pigs were butchered by Willian von Schneidau, who owns a specialty butcher shop in downtown Seattle.  The marijuana-fed pork sold quickly, and according to von Schneidau, “Some say the meat seems to taste more savory.”


It’s unclear whether the specialty feed had traces of THC in it.  As legal marijuana programs become more prevalent across the US, solutions such as this for preventing waste could turn out to be a win-win for farmers and consumers alike.



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a lot of other animals like eating marijuana plants (deer!). so this wouldnt surprise me in the least!


i know there was a study about birds eating cannabis seeds, and preferring cannabis seeds.

i think the study reported that birds that ate cannabis seeds lived longer and were healthier.

there are also reports about humans being healthier from eating cannabis seeds.


good idea to use marijuana leftovers as an animal feed. gotta watch the pesticides tho.

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