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Bay City Michigan


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So I drove through a town called Bay City and thought to myself  "What's the deal with all the police?" Now I've seen a good share of this fine state over the years and never have I come across so many police in one town. Is the crime really that bad in Bay City? You'd think so with the police presence - Bay County Sheriff, Bay City Police, State Police, DNR officers and they look like the budget is good because their EVERYWHERE :zoro:  in cars, trucks, vans, burbons, semi's, motorcycles, bicycles an even on foot. WOW!

Note to self: Don't speed in Bay City Michigan.


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Velcum to the Ameikan gulag.


Police forces throughout the country have become, thanks to drug enforcement that includes civil asset forfeiture and excessive fines and penalties, in large part self funding. In addition to the garden variety budgets handed to them by government, there is a serious cash incentive to take peoples' money and property and convert it to department use by way of civil asset forfeiture AND to pass a lot of undeclared wealth among he ranks. It is a corrupt system with a huge pot of gold. Departments, along with courts and governments, make a grab for the prize. That evidence and property disappear from the point of contact with these people till it is taken from evidence lockers is the stuff of legend. Excessive traffic enforcement is another example of following the money. To protect and serve has become a silly joke. Every police cruiser is now a profit center for the state. The more they have on the road, the more they keep their hands in our pockets and spread our wealth among themselves and so they can fund more cruisers and officers to put their hands in our pockets for walkin' around money and to buy more cruisers and hire more people to put their hands in our pockets to buy more cruisers and officers to put their hands in our pockets...


It is an issue that I have taken to the legislature in the discussion regarding mj law, and I don't intend to just leave it at that.

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