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June Brings Two New Cosponsors For H.r. 1523


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For some reason, the cannabis movement is giving very little attention to H.R. 1523 a landmark bill that will change the Feds ability to lock up it’s citizens for possessing, cultivating, and distributing cannabis in states whose citizens have passed legislation allowing either medical or recreational use.

I often wonder why people don’t understand the magnitude of this. One long time activist when asked what he thought about the progress of the bill looked at me blankly, obviously not realizing what I was referring to… I later spoke at the groups meeting and several people pledged to write to their representative.

A few days ago, I a call from another long time activist. I think she was calling to get my support for some California legislation in the works but when I asked her about H.R. 1523, she knew nothing about it…I took a few minutes to explain it’s merit in hopes of getting her to put some effort as well.

Rather than get more frustrated at this movements inability to mobilize effectively for something that could bring true liberty, I decided to deepen my resolve to educate and motivate.

As a result of enough people reaching out and letting their will be known 2 more co sponsors signed on! From Vermont,Peter Welch, And from Washington, Jim McDermott. both Democrats. This brings the number to 18. We’re gaining some momentum.


At the San Diego Chapter meeting, We talked about it and several members shared their experiences regarding letters to their representatives. Later those that hadn’t learned to find their Reps and sent an initial letter. This is a slow process but I believe as we unlock our Power of one and take ACTion we are writing the story of how prohibition was ended!



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