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Lots of Michigan breeders I also highly recommend Greenthumb seeds of Canada they have some very awesome strains available for international orders the Attitude is also very reputable I have received dozens of orders with no issues .

while lots of people have given greenthumb good reviews I cannot say I agree with ANY FEMINIZED seeds they are destroying the gene pool and will herm on the drop of a dime.



However 95% of Cannabis will herm when stressed all these fem stuff from DNA, greenhouse and all the other gene pool destructors are not doing anything for genetics of Cannabis.


When you feminize a cannabis plant you will get a female no doubt however ....the Allelles do not line up properly in comparison if you were to breed a regular M to a regular F.


Everyone knows that Feminized gear is pollution I have grown out over a dozen feminized strains and all except 1 Holy Grail Kush have been nightmares.  But even in this extreme heat of 95 degrees I had issues with DBA's Holy Grail Kush.


I would advise to go the hard route and buy REGULAR Seeds..don't really mater where from ..lol..just buy regulars.

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The jar they are in is an old brown pharm jar,and I have kept them sealed until a couple weeks ago when I opened the jar. I had forgotten about them,and they were well hidden. I took out 2,and wanted to see if they would still pop,and they did,right along with my alfalfa and mung bean seeds that I use for sprouts. I am so curious as to what kind they are. Back then seeds were a common thing.

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