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Grand Jury Report Acknowledges Inconsistencies


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Grand Jury Report Acknowledges Inconsistencies in CA County Marijuana Policy


A Grand Jury Report has been released highlighting the inconsistencies in marijuana policy in Tulare County, Ca.  The county is located in the California central valley and includes cities such as Visalia, Sugarloaf, and Exeter.


“We believe all the incorporated cities should have some kind of uniform medical marijuana ordinance and permit process but all the cities have to work with each other in order to do that,” said Kat Harris from the Tulare County Grand Jury.  


The Grand Jury Report revealed that some cities are fine without marijuana regulation and are happy to let collectives operate freely, while others have imposed tighter regulations.

Some cities, such as Exeter and Porterville, lack medical marijuana regulations, yet still plan to enforce both state and federal marijuana laws.


The Grand Jury Report also recommends all cities have a permit process and a medical marijuana ordinance. The report also recommends that cities have a system that lets them each share information so they can keep track of different illegal grows and the perpetrators.


Exeter officials explained that they do not believe there is a “one size fits all” approach that will work for all cities when it comes to medical marijuana regulation.


Medical marijuana has been a prominent issue in Tulare County.  The sheriff’s office is flooded with calls about illegal marijuana grows and the board of supervisors has created and updated ordinances to keep grows and collectives under the letter of the law. 


However, cities are free to do what they choose, putting city officials and county officials at odds.


Tulare County is known for its farm land and park land, making it an ideal place for marijuana growers– both legal and illegal– to set up shop.  Earlier this year, California lawmakers attempted to institute legislation that would create a governing body and regulations for medical marijuana in all cities in California, but it failed.



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