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Meeting Announcement For Birmingham Compassion & Oakland County Norml Baldwin Library Tuesday Evening July 16Th 2013 7Pm

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Please Join Us For Our Next Joint Meeting of Birmingham Compassion and Oakland County NORML That will take place On Tuesday Evening JuLY 16th 2013 7pm at BALDWIN PUBLIC LIBRARY 300 West Merrill st. In Downtown Birmingham Michigan In The Jeanne Lloyd Room We Will have a Theme concerning a recent ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court that now has made a court reversal and now medical marijuana cannot be shared by registered users unless the provider is a licensed caregiver for the user so please all concerned be aware of this rule also we will discuss the overturned Court of Appeals decision in the case of People v. Rodney Koon.The court’s decision resolves what had been a contentious legal issue regarding whether Michigan medical marijuana patients could be convicted with operating a motor vehicle by simply having the presence of marijuana in their system. Also more discussion on the Michigan Legislature concerning the introduction of House Bill 4623 A Decriminalization of small amounts of Marijuana of 1Ounce or Less to be a Civil Infraction State Wide also we will be continuing to have open discussion On The Michigan Supreme Court Ruling on Legality of Medical Marijuana Dispensary's Farmers Markets and MMMP Patient to Patient Transfers as well as Dispensary's as they now stand lawfully in Michigan We will also Continue to have a Contingency Plan in place for developing a Sign up List for State Of Michigan MMP Patients and Caregivers to meet with each other and all up to date news open discussion on the New and In Effect As Of April 1st 2013 Official Changes to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act by The Michigan Legislature that was signed into Law by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder That Has Amended The Michigan Marijuana Medical Act So Come And Be Informed On These Reforms And Other Marijuana News National and Local and The Potential Impacts On Patients Caregivers And the General Public At Large In The State of Michigan 


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