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Patient Etiquette

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Formally know as "stoner etiquette" but since we are all patients with medical problems the word "stoner" doesn't work anymore.  I wanted to put an open letter out there to all of us in this industry.  Michigan has been a Medical Marijuana State now since November of 2008.  In the almost five years we have been allowed to obtain Medicine legally there has been some sketchy business going on in some of our better Collectives or Dispensaries.  With us now being five years into this it would seem prices for Medicine would start going down.  In the beginning all the Collectives or Dispensaries said that without competition they could keep their prices high.  Now five years later prices are still way to high.  I have seen at an un named Dispensary in Ypsilanti try to sell ounces for $476.  Are you for real?  I think most of us are old enough to remember when a "lid" was less than $100 and was decent for the growing styles of the time.  I just visited Colorado to and to get an ounce of REALLY good medicine it cost $160.  There are more than enough growers in Michigan now for our prices to come down, maybe not to $160, but to pay more than $280 an ounce is outrageous.  Collectives and Dispensaries are suppose to be non profit too so unless they are paying their budtenders $20 an hour these numbers don't add up and are going to cause the Police, DEA, and Feds to take a closer look at these places and the amount of money changing hands.  All of us who have grown or are growing now, know that the overhead costs on growing can be expensive, but now where near enough to charge $476 an ounce or $25 a gram.


Maybe I am just to old school and should move to Colorado or Washington so I can get my money's worth.  I do hope though that we can start some sort of campaign or someone open a Dispensary, Collective, or Delivery service that prices medicine more appropriately.

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There is no legalized avenue for competition of prices to exist in MI. The reason you can get a nice Oz for cheap in CO is because they do have legalized distribution. Any business entity that sells marijuana is a touchy subject around here. There is a paranoia of losing grow rights because of them. My former patient lives in CO now and absolutely loves it out there. I would also like to see a law here that allows distribution, maintaining our current grow rights is a must though.

Welcome to MMMA.

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