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Celiac And Albright's: Undiagnosed Until Age 30; Would Love Input For Help And Pain Relief

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I'm a new user to oil and don't know of all the ways to use it.

I have osteodystrophy and Celiac, I thought all of the damage to my bones was from lack of vital nutrients for 13 years, but am learning that I have and have passed on Albright's Hereditary Osteodystrophy. My son is only 3 and is being taken care of to not have the effects I now suffer from.


Sciatica is kind of a "joke" word to describe the worst of the pains. My right sciatic nerve has been confirmed to be about 50X the size it should be..I've started taking Neurotin for symtoms of "diabetic neuropathy" in that same side of leg/foot. I've had every type of steroid/numbing injections including the epidural, twice. Nothing is helping and I've had to resort to high level oral narcotic medications.


My biggest worry is not ever being able to get rid of this level of pain.


ANY suggestion is welcome.


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