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New To Growing. Need All The Help I Can Get!

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Hello everyone! Let me start with... I'm here for the patients. I want to be a caregiver. I have a small hydro set up I acquired in a trade. Now, please don't laugh, but I have never seen one before in my life. I want to learn how to use it properly. First off, I don't have any patients so I can't get a CG cert, or can I? My friends are telling me don't start growing until you're legal. Ok, how do I get legal as a CG? Thanks for any info!

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start growing tomatoes in your hydro setup to learn the basics.

tomatoes will tell you a lot about your skills and hydro system.


growing medical quality marijuana for a first timer is not that simple. lots of things to go wrong.


cant grow unless you have a card.

cant get a card unless a patient mails in a form or you become a patient yourself.

make sure your grow room is secured and locked always.

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  If you do not qualify as a patient yourself or choose not to become one, I would suggest finding a family member or friend that does qualify, to name you as caregiver.  There is not a way to obtain "caregiver status" without having a patient.


 A patient that is ready to sign a caregiver wants to be able to medicate once they are legal.  Patients want to be able to see what a grower can produce before signing them.  It takes time to learn to grow and produce quality medicine and people do not want to wait 6+ months while someone learns to grow. 



If you locate a patient, there are many here willing to help you learn about growing medical marijuana!  In the meantime, practice the new set up with some tomatoes, like suggested above.  It will at least give you an opportunity to see how it all works together!


 Have you visited any local educational compassion clubs?  They are often a good source of information and a wealth of grow knowledge can be obtained.


Good luck and welcome!!

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you dont have to be a patient to grow. you can be a caregiver only if you want.


most people here would recommend only patients become caregivers.

due to the strange law we have, a patient can switch caregivers without any notice required.

so you could be a caregiver with 12 plants, but the patient has switched to another cg.

it could take LARA 20 to 40+ days to notify you of this change.


now you are in posession of 12 plants with no patients.

according to the law, you are now in violation.


i'm not aware of any cases which has tested this theory. just saying its a possibility.

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I think rose bushes would be cool to do in hydro also, and then take em out and trans plant out doors, of course with tomatoes you have something you can eat!


It realy is a diff game when doing mm grade! it is not like the old days when we just collected beens and spread em in the yard, lol


you dont realy say what you hydro consist of? what lites, fans, dirt or dwc, how large,


either get a good friend or family member to appoint you as there c.g if you cant get a pt card!




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Thank you everybody. t-pain said pt can switch cg at any time. Unfortunately, that's true. For the cg, that is. I've tried family and nobody wants to get involved. It's too new to them and they worry about the Feds. I worry about the Feds too. That's why I want to be legal. I think I'll try the tomatoes first while I search for a pt willing to give me a shot. Roses would be nice, but I have some outside already. They grow like "weeds" lol. 


As far as the set up... I have a six site that consists of two pvc fence posts, square not tubes, with three baskets each. They are fed by two pumps in the reservoir that spray each plant's roots. A table they sit on that is angled just right for drainage back to the reservoir. One 400w HPS bulb. A set up of 8 long fluorescent bulbs all next to each other. A 5x5 reflective tent. A fan that needs a carbon filter. A set up of four air bubble rocks and like four air pumps for dwc in buckets. A CO2 tank. A whole bunch of different nutrients. And a boat load of misc things I don't know what they are. Ph stuff, yada, yada, yada.

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