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Using Mmj At The Mount Pleasant Casino

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I am asking for a friend of mine, he is going to a concert and suffers bad seizures, he is a MMJ patient and wanted me to ask if anyone knows if they would permit him to use his medicine. He said he would use drops under the tongue. Now that concentrates are illegal, does anyone have any suggestions?? thanx, k

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I got caught in my room their with a vape in my mouht!  I thought it was just my ole lady coming in, but to my surprise it was my ole lady and 4 cops lmao!


they asked me what i was doing?  I said medicating, they wanted to see my card and i.d, I showed them, they wanted me to open the safe in our room, I said no you need a search warrant, they said no we dont, I said than you best get some one that works here to open it because i am not lol!


They called the front desk to ask who the room was registered to, it was me, and they left and took the ole lady with them, yee haw I think she learned to not call leo when she is drunk, at least i hope so!


one thing you have to remember is indian land is neither u.s or mi law it is sovoriegn indian land, I dont see why they would help our government but have seen much worse!


Best of Luck!




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Grind some close trim put it spread out on a cookie sheet for one hour at 170 degrees. That seems to work. Put it in  big capsules. Take a sufficient amount 2 hours before the event. Have a designated driver. Try it before the show to get an idea of what quantity works for you. 

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