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Need Electrician Immediatly


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Is there any websites for people with grow ops to find businesses that are 420 friendly in Michigan?, we all know its hard to trust and many of us are pretty private, would this be something people would use if it was created? like an angies list? just curious been a thought of mine because I am a business owner

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I meant in general, services for homes, things go wrong, was just wondering if this might be a good idea, I myself have people carefully chosen, but I like my house clean, so what if I want my carpets cleaned, am I supposed to come on every forum to find a carpet cleaner? looking for opinions

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I'm on 100A over here.


If possible, start by reducing your electrical loads in non growing areas. If any major electric appliance is electric see how much it would cost to convert it to gas.

I did that myself, I'm now the proud owner of a gas drier. I also replaced all the bulbs in my house with CFLs and choose ultra efficient ACs. That was cheaper for me in the short run and also the long run.


If I had to, I still have a hot water heater that is on a seperate meter / panel that could be converted to gas quite easily.


A service upgrade is expensive always and extra complicated (permits, inspections) if you have an active grow room in the same room as the panel. FWIW

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