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Unlike Many Strains, Jack Is Not Good Taken Early.

pic book

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I took it at day 81.  Had to have the space.


Now, after 11 days in jar it's lost much of the harsh, chlorophylly bittter taste and I hope it is all gone by day 40.  The pheno turned out to be the all-sativa, floating on a cloud hi that separates my head from my shoulder--and that's goood.


I heard the rumor that jack can run to 117 days, but if 40 days in jar turns an early cut to that spicy, pungent weed the Herer is noted for, i could possibly run it again.

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The pheno I ran actually gives you a nice body buzz like eating medibles its a great strain I let it go but might run it again because of the pain relieving quality's and the outlawing of oil and medibles .


I would agree. I've ran it in the past and had wonderful experience with it. Was one of my favorites because of the body buzz and pain relieving quality. Hopefully I can find a good pheno that is similar to the last one I had.

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