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Growers Trust Spider Mite Killer Test Run


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I have a pretty good handle on the adult Mites using Kontos in veg and Azamax in flower but I just saw that they are trying to make a comeback in my flower room so I bought this Growers Trust Spider Mite killer the company claim is that it kills both Mites and their eggs I just dipped a leaf containing Mites after confirming their presence into the solution and the Mites look to be dead on contact now Im going to give it a few days and retreat my flower room I will post my results then .


FYI the package came damaged and half of the ready made liquid was on my front porch ill also let you know what they say about that as well.





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Not yet but if this works im going to try to talk Growers trust into advertising here and another forum by buying a banner ad because a spray that kills both mites and eggs is very valuable to our community.

and if it does work i am going to buy so stock in it

You will never get rid of mite's you can only maintain them by keeping on top of your grow would make sure you treat them after about two week into flowering that way you we be good for the next 5-6 weeks left

just my opinion

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I got rid of mites, havent had a mite in almost two years i think its been....clean clean clean, take clones, finish current crop, clean clean clean again, put some preventatives in place, treat clones, throw away anything that isnt hard gear, treat clones again, while there small....be happy and done with frustration...if you have alot of pine around your house...its almost hopeless tho if you live around alot of pine, but your in the d right king? Hmu ill help you solve that problem, free i got exactly what you need if the trust dont work as advertised.

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Pine as in pine tree which I have in my front yard?


So far so good although my Dr Greenthumb Iranian C99 doesn't seem to like the Growers trust spray shes curling at the end of her leaves I gave her a good 8 hours to dry before she went back under the T5 don't know why shes so sensitive?

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Somedays i would stay out of my flowering room for a few days it would help me a lot as far as reading my plants because sometimes 

you just keep seeing the plants the way you want to


I also know someone that would grow there plants at another place and they had a partner  that would live with the plants and the other guy could stay away for 3 or 4 days thats the best way if you can do it

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Pure Spray Green is an organic oil-based miticide safe to use up to the day of harvest. It is available on amazon. Recommended mix ratio is 1:100. Costs about $30/gallon. Thirty bucks for one-hundred gallons is way cheaper than anything else mentioned on this site.


It used to be sold at a local shop several years ago. Now it seems to only be sold in Canada other than in commercial amounts.


There as some agents that might work better like floramite but these are not safe for human consumption. Pure spray green is quite safe in comparison to most products.


Even though it isn't available through their distributor, the local pro-shop folks all use it now even though the sell the other high-dollar stuff.


Most problems they've seen are caused by poor application techniques.


There are a few other things that can help starting with the environment. Letting the humidity rise during lights-out will help. So will keeping things clean and running a continuous grow and keeping small plants in higher humidity domes. Mites don't like high humidity.


Wind also helps. Mites don't like that either.


Safer soap, end-all, neem based stuff including Azamax and peritherim (sp?) all have some effectiveness for a while but eventually mites seem to become tolerant. Four years of Pure Spray Green and no problems so far.


Neem/proteckt can be used on occasion as an additional vector and foliage feeder without any complications. PureSpray hasn't seemed to have any effect on the plants unless sprayed when the lights are on. The preferred treatment is immediately after lights out.


Spraying the walls and saucers under the pots with the Pure Spray mixture has also eradicated fungus gnats. It can also be used as a soil drench I think although I have no experience in doing that as simply spraying the bottom of the pots and putting a 1/4" of sand on the top wiped out the gnats that had been a problem off-and-on.


Works great on the raspberries leaves the mites like in our garden too.


It surprises me to see threads like this re-appear from time-to-time. There are two kinds of indoor gardens; those that have mites and those that are going to get them. Uncle Bob likes to simply vacuum off the webs before harvest. Maybe his patient likes the sparkles when they are incinerated.

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Okay, about treating. Treat once in a while and ineffectively and you will have mites regardless of what you use.


Treat with Pure Spray every 7-10 days during summer and every 14 days during winter. No who-who-footing around. Drench the plants; especially the underside of leaves.


In a 4'x5' grow room with nine plants that means about two-liters or half-a-gallon per treatment. One gallon of PureSprayGreen is enough for two-hundred treatments or over five-years for thirty-bucks with no mite issues.


The root cause of most problems can be located by looking in a mirror. It is easy to get lazy. Watch and look. Be professional. Once you determine a suitable treatment interval and an effective application regime mites are simply NOT a problem.

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