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High Every One!

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I dont think I have ever started a thread in the welcome category!


Hi my name is Jim, Im and alcoholic!  oops that was last nites meeting, lol!


I have a totaly screwed up back that needs surgery, but im not willing to have it done at this time, because no one can garuantee that it will fix me, but they can garuantee I wont be able to do the work I used to do before my injury (auto accident in may of 98) I was t-boned by a drunk driver!


Ive been an mm pt since the law came out, unfortunatly I didnt get the 4-20 cards that most of the 1st applicants recieved, (bummer)


let me tell you a lil bit about my self, Im a realy serious guy, I never mess around with peeps emotions, I hate to argue with people, so please dont turn my thread into an argument!


I just love the world but I love woman the most, I find guys to be gross and nasty lmao!


and Ive never broke the law in my life,,


Peace out dudes and dudets!


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Did you start new meds recently?  (that might explain your apparent delirium above)  :nurse:

Perhaps you just forgot to switch accounts before posting AGAIN? 


Will the REAL Phaquetoo please stand up!!!???



Wow that must of been my alter ego!  I dont remember posting that, is some one else on here using my name, that first post is nothing like I would post!!! :bong7bp:  :bong2:  :yahoo-wave:

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Hi. My name is Greg. Having ortho trouble since '96. The condition is progressing and increasingly debilitating. I was hoping to find folks to commiserate with, to laugh with, to console and be consoled, and maybe find a medical professional or two who are versed in pain management or orthopedics and who give professional insight into these conditions.


How's the coffee by the way?

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Hey if you are suffering from back pain go to diytdcs.com. This technique is going to seem really weird at first. Still it is safe and effective. Hundreds of real science studies available. I was using it for depression but after being in an automobile accident I figured why not and was surprised. Basically seems to work as well as vicodin without all the nasty side affects. You can build one of these for less than 50 dollars and could go ultra cheap for a lot less. So contact me if you are interested and I can walk you through it. I make zero $ on this so no ulterior motive involved. 

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