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Tim Skubick: Marijuana Decriminalization Is Creeping Into Michigan Towns


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Like a vine on the side of your house that creeps up ever so slowly to finally engulf the whole side of the structure, the effort to decriminalize marijuana is creeping into three more Michigan cities.

Today petitions are being filed in Jackson and Ferndale for a possible vote in November, making it OK to toke less than one-ounce of grass if you are 21 or older. In other words, possession, use and the transfer of Mary Jane will not land you in the slammer.

Other cities, as part of the “creeping” strategy of one town at a time, have already done this including Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, and - assuming passage in Jacksonand Ferndale - Lansing and Yspilanti could be next.

It’s rather an amazing flip of public attitudes. If someone in the midst of the '70s counter-culture revolution had suggested removing fines or jail time for smoking marijuana, the law enforcement folks and all the parents in the world would have gone bonkers…and not from smoking weed.

The organizers even say many who are on board wear a badge, ready to redirect the "War on Drugs" to fighting crime instead.

Ah but, not all are on board. Look for continued opposition from the likes of Attorney General Bill Schuette, who led the unsuccessful effort to kill the medical marijuana statewide ballot proposal. Suffice it to say he will also fight legislative efforts to decriminalize grass statewide in one fell swoop thus eliminating the need for doing it town by town.

A vote on that in the house and senate is itself creeping along as backers wait for lawmakers to catch up with public sentiment on all this. It would still be a shocker if all those conservative GOP lawmakers cuddled up with the Democrats to do this.

But if you slapped a state tax on grass, some of the more fiscally conservative types, seeing a pot of gold, might actually approve limited adult usage of Acapulco Gold.



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If the talking heads like Timmy here would help, cannabis could help turn Michigan back into a productive state.


But like most of the fence-sitting 'TV talkers, he'll wait until it's safe to make a stand one way or the other.


But I believe in spite of the naysayers, cannabis will become legal... EVEN here in Michigan.

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