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Evaluation Of Various Solvents

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Of the solvents tested, this leaves olive oil as the most optimal choice for preparation of Cannabis oils for self-medication. Olive oil is cheap, not flammable or toxic, and the oil needs to be heated up only to the boiling point of water (by placing a glass container with the product in a pan of boiling water) so no over-heating of the oil may occur. After cooling down and filtering the oil, e.g. by using a French coffee press, the product is immediately ready for consumption. As a trade-off, however, olive oil extract cannot be concentrated by evaporation, which means patients will need to consume a larger volume of it in order to get the same therapeutic effects.


Very interesting study. Most concentrate only on THC and CBD levels. This one also looks at terpene content. I have always felt that there may be more benefit to these other compounds in the cannabis and that they need to have more attention paid to them. I've never used olive oil, but I'm definitely going to try it now.
I have never used olive oil before but I am certainly going to try it now.
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There's a growing body of data in relation to the therapeautic properties of the terpenes found in herbal cannabis, as well as other phytocannabinoids. More importantly than the therapeautic properties of each individual compound, is the way in which they all work together in concert.         


Beyond olive oil, this paper seems to suggest that other nonpolar nonvolatile solvents are worthy of exploration. 

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I've used d-limonene(terpene present in cannabis) to extract from more cannabis with mixed results.

the olive oil is the most convenient for me to achieve a high quality edible product with little fuss. Even easier than an pre extraction and infusion.

If the Tamisium, the mj inside, and the oil are pre heated, the olive oil will strip the active compounds almost instantly under vacuum/pressure, making the process fast and clean with little waste. One advantage is being able to know exactly how many grams of active compounds were extracted immediately. A "potency" standard can be established that way.  I wish it vaporized better though....lol 



edit4; thank you in vivo for bringing olive oil !

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