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Stability Of Cannabinoids

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Here's an interesting study on the stability of cannabinoids over a four year period, and under a number of conditions.


Long term stability of cannabis resin and cannabis extracts     



Stored in a dark place, at room temp, THCA converts to THC resulting in an increase of THC for the first 240 days. At that point the total THC begins to decrease to as low as 1-2%, in as short as 4 years.


Stored in a dark place, at -20 celsius, cannabinoids remained stable for four years.


If your goal isn't CBN, the freezer sounds like your best bet.  

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It does not matter who made it. If the analysis of it's components was correct then the degradation of those components is likely consistent. So THC is more spurious than CBD or CBN and possibly other components. It confirms what most of us probably knew about THC through experience and gives us additional information about some of the other components.

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Did I get these right?  ADHD makes it real hard to focus on dry wording.  Reminds me of trying to interpret law. 


  Smoking MJ only allowed 30% of the THC into the system because such hi temps destroyed a lot of the THCa before it could be converted to THC useable by the body?  That was kind of a short unexplained statement.


Also you want to keep your non-decarbed extracts warm for them to decarb because if you cool them to about 38f they take 1000 days to half decarb?


If you want them to decarb faster leave them out in the light, but the THC may degrade at a comparable rate as the THCA turns into THC?


If you make vials you don't need for 90 days or more, keep them cold and take them out 90 days before you expect to need them or does the THC stay stable long enough that it doesn't matter if your using them in under a year and they are stored dark?

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