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Chewing Gum

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Not that a person should do this in this State, but..


Chewing Gum Compositions Comprising of Cannabinoids:



Example 1
[0041] A chewing gum base was used to prepare a chewing gum With containing 10.0 mg of THC.


Percentages are in percent by Weight.


Gumbase: 75.5% A
Xylitol: 13.6% A
Glycerin: 4.5% A
Saccharine: 0.38% B
H20: 2.26%: B
Peppermint Aroma oil: 1.51%: C
Peppermint powder: 1.51%: A
THC: 0.69%: C
Total: 100%


If sublingual is preffered over oral delivery methods, gum seems like a reasonable option (especially for patients that experience irratation from a spray). It seems to me like not swallowing saliva could be an issue.


I'm surprised they didn't use an essential oil to enhance the potential therapeutic benefit. Maybe peppermint has some favorable terpenes. 

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