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The Marijuana Industry's Latest 'it Product': Concentrated Thc Oil Called 'dabs'

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Posted: 08/11/2013 
Last Updated: 3 hours ago

It's become a daily occurrence. Customers visit Hugs Alternative Care, a medical-marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif., and ask for "dabs."

They are referring to butane hash oil, an especially potent form of marijuana, also known as "honey," "honey oil," "wax" or "earwax" because of its sticky, amber-colored appearance.


"We don't carry oils or waxes," Hugs manager Cathy Romer tells them.

Nevertheless, it's clear that the demand for dabs is out there.


The marijuana industry's latest "it product," dabs has been moving from the fringe into mainstream consciousness for years, although many card-carrying medicinal-marijuana users and even some law-enforcement officials know little about it.


High Times magazine featured dabs on its July cover, teasing it as "pot's most powerful high." Vice -- the media company that recently accompanied Dennis Rodman on a diplomatic trip to North Korea to meet Kim Jong-un -- has released a mini-documentary on the subject.


What makes dabs unique is the concentration of THC, the chemical that gives pot users a high. Donald Davies, a former manager of Sacramento dispensary Canna Care, said dabs can be 70 percent THC, compared with high -end cannabis plants, which register between 15 percent and 25 percent.


Dab makers soak cannabis in butane or alcohol to extract THC from the plant. After collecting a liquid, they boil off the butane and the remains solidify into what looks like tree sap. Users then "dab" or prick the waxy substance with a needle to pick it up, place it on the tip of a special pipe and ignite it with a small blowtorch to release fumes.


Products loaded with THC have been available for decades, carrying the name hash oil or honey oil. But even "regular, old-school hash" was often limited to 50 percent THC, Davies said. The use of butane makes the difference.


Addison DeMoura, a co-founder of the cannabis-analysis lab Steep Hill in Oakland, Calif., said dabs' potency benefits many of the sickest patients who cannot smoke cannabis to manage pain and help with appetite.


Many collectives are selling more butane hash oil than weed, he added.


"If a patient cannot smoke and needs to get the medicine, they can simply put BHO into a cup of tea and consume it that way," he wrote in an email. "The fact that the product is a concentrate makes it easy to infuse and consume. Dabs are part of the progress and the future of consumption."


However, Davies said dabs are rarely used for medicinal purposes.

"For the most part, 99 percent of the market for dabs is recreational. ... It's definitely for the younger crowd," he said.


The production of dabs has become a concern. A Feb. 7 news bulletin from the U.S. Fire Administration, part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said THC extraction had caused an increasing number of fires, explosions and reported burn injuries i




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I have a strong opinion on dabs.  Withholding it, for now.  Thanks for the article.


edit:  It leans towards dabs being reserved for medical application only.  True medical application for the severest pain.  Basically, reserved for the dying.  If I give you my opinion on it's rec. uses and start judging, it'll muddy up the thread.

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Its for the younger crowd lmao!  I guess that could be partly true, when I started getting enough sugar leaves and small budds(optional) and made my 1st batch in my new home in mid mich, no one knew what it was accept for people my age or older, we always called it hash oil or honey oil or honey dew, we mostly put it on our rolling papers, and I put them on my cigerettes,  It most def is one the strongest way to use the highest % of thc and also cannaboids. Its kinda like disney movies, they come out every 7 yrs so every kid has a copy lol!


Oil has been around for ever, now I beleive it is morraco(not sure) that has the most potent cannabiss plants, they pretty much only beat the trics off of the dryed cured budds and sugar leaf's, and they block it all and only send it in keif hash style, nice and compressed, it only comes from there that way, Now we used to get black hash that actualy had afahganistan pressed into it, im talking 30 yrs ago or more, not sure of the strain of mm that was/is,


They need to make the rso/bho/pbo!!!<<phaq's butane oil, lol  Available how ever we can get it, The most important thing about the oil is?




I care when the law is changed from the bench, but we realy need to make sure oil is available to pt's!


I would deal with the fact I cant make oil.tinctures, medibles,smokables,ect!  But our pts with aids, cancer, chronic pain, fm,ms,ra,etc need the strongest way we can make it so they can do the smallest dosage to help/cure/maintain pain, diet, etc. 

  Its my beleif that it is gonna be available (oil, medibles,ect) but a regular c.g or pt is not going to be able to make (manufacure) it!  Big bro is gonna let lil bro make it and figure out a way to distribute it charge taxes,pay taxes,and all of the permits and all the red tape!


Above is what they would love to have happen, we need to just get this awsome plant, medicine, feel good herb LEGALIZED!


So lets join norml lets get them with us and lets legalize this plant, It is way safer than alcohol and there is always a way to make things ritght!


Loose Lips Sink Ships, on all levels of the ship!





P.s Honey oil is good on cigs if you do that nasty habbit! shhhhhhhhh



Im afraid the pt/c.g system is in their last days!  It wont be long before there are a select few manufacturing mm and all that goes with it, getting it to the distributers to the users and so on, the only difference between mm in that system is, ins wont cover it, bawahahahaha!


They got us by the short hairs and it realy blows!

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First, I don't think anyone should be put in a cage over a plant.  I do think dabs have a legitimate medical application.


I have a problem with the application of chemistry.  The chemical process of refining thc to its near pure thc crystal form.


I have a sense from people watching that dabs might have the potential to become legitimately addictive.


Your average person can quit smoking anytime they chose and be cranky for 2 days.  It's really tough to become addicted to marijuana.  You'd practically have to be genetically predisposed and really work at it to succeed.  But with dabs, I've got the feeling that people are pushing the boundary.  


The body's tolerance for THC and ability to acclimatize goes up dramatically with most strains.  I can't imagine pushing the body to where 90%+ THC doesn't do the trick for a recreational user.  It's just too extreme for casual use, but I also don't think anyone should be jailed for trying it, or that it's a soul stealing addictive substance.


Cocoa leaves are a plant, Poppy's are a flower and Cannabis is a weed.  They are also coke, crack and heroine.  It's the chemistry and chemical processing that puts it into another class.


Once vacuum pumps, chemistry based purges and chemical distillations are introduced, I'm out. Hash (50%+) is where I draw the line.  It tastes better and burns cleaner, and it's also produced using just water and screens.


If dabs could be used ultimately responsibly by everyone, they'd cause few problems, and those who smoke would have a cleaner alternative for smoking.  Most of the time, those alternatives surpass a recreational application, such as vaping pure THC.  It's too extreme for your average person, for regular recreational usage.  Beneficial for the ultra conservative smokers lungs, if made by a pro.


I like smoking, because I'm a smoker.  I won't quit puffing joints any sooner than I'm quitting cheeseburgers.


I've tried it a few times and I've seen it made.  I know this isn't a popular opinion, but hey, there it is.


That should have been a blog instead.

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I agree with a lot of what Greenleaf said...


I personally don't have any problem if people use BHO...recreationally or medically.


I have always felt that anyone 21 or older should be able to use any drug they want. What you put in your body is your choice and not any of my business.


With that said...I am not a fan of BHO personally. I do know how to make it safely and properly, and I do make it from time to time for my patients if they request it... but I don't like to use it myself. It is just WAY too much for me. The few times I have used it, I got completely and utterly WRECKED. For hours. High quality BHO done right, without a doubt, is on another level potency/effects wise when it comes to Marijuana.  



Cocoa leaves are a plant, Poppy's are a flower and Cannabis is a weed.  They are also coke, crack and heroine.  It's the chemistry and chemical processing that puts it into another class.


 This statement is spot on...

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Until High CBD plants are normal, I find it tough to get a "medical" dose without concentrates.  Once you get used to dabbing, you can dab without getting very high but the cummlative effects of the CBD and other cannabinoids still stack up.


Not trying to be argumentative, but the people who only smoke bowls or joints and won't investigate pills or concentrates are the ones I think are doing it more for enjoyment than medical purposes.  How many people "enjoy" taking a vicodin?  Not many that really need it.  I don't enjoy getting baked like rec users do, I enjoy the relief I get and higher quality of life the next day.


And once you have smoked enough for long enough, you no longer get high.  I personally will be happy when I don't get high any more, I can just take my concentrate and go about my business.  I am not addicted, I don't feel agitated or annoyed when I am not using, I have no addiction symptoms when I quit.  It is no more addictive than a joint.

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Oils mess with my lungs.  CBDs don't help me as much as something else in the MMJ. I'm not sure what, but high CBD plants don't seem to matter. (I'm taking it for nausea, not pain.)  Eating it usually makes my condition worse.  My point being that every MMJ patient isn't the same.  I think everyone should be able to use the product that best works for them when they find what that product is.  Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before the whole legal attitude towards marijuana in general changes for the better.


Make your votes count!  Stop electing backwards socially conservative candidates.

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Those of you that dont like the oil dont need it!  its kinda like why they make different doses of narcotics (rx's) 5/500 7.5/750 10/1000 or 10/500 or oxci's and morphine and all of the different strengths, you can not compare mm to any of the rx's


and I was wondering do poppy plants have a male and female plant? do cocoa plants have male and female? how about roses, daisy's and tomatoes?


we make ketchup and spagetti suace out of tomatoes, so we make bho,rso, hash into a more powerful medication, that helps people more than smoking the budds and leafs!


Be happy if you are not in need of the stronger meds made with mmj, and have some compassion for those that do need it, people with asthma have a hard time smoking anything, and marinol is not the answer, Im a pro at making bho, who is supposed to be a pro of making something that has been ilegal most of our live's?  The ones that have been making longer than most of you been alive ME? lol


lame is to nice of a word for some of these conservatives, lets elect them, they will all quit mm get on narcotics and take our law away from us!  :yahoo-wave:




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Yes CBD plants do not help me either, Oils  you do not have to smoke and made right will not upset your stomach  and works the best for pain, Goes much farther everytime you ex hale you lose much or the medicine .   Cigarettes  will mess with your lung functions , 


NJ  Governor  just signed a law that children will only be able to eat cannabis and extracts  not smoke






What we have here is a little  Reefer Madness and  fear of the unknown , And we can understand that The COA knows as much or  as little  ad  some of the members here,

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I don't have the same kind of pain that most people have.  I have visceral pain from chronic pancreatitis.  It's much, much different than joint or muscular pain.  I also have three herniated discs.  I often wish I only had the herniated discs.  I'd be in heaven.  I'd even take two more herniated discs if I could get rid of the pancreatic pain. I had to go on pain killers after MMJ couldn't help me with the pain anymore.  Any oils or fats make me feel like I need to throw up.  Cannabis oil is no different.

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My two cents. If someone really wants to get the medical effects from cannibis it should be ingested. Smoking and vaping are the quickest way to adminster the meds. I have no problem with people who smoke and care less if they do it for rec or medical. There are ways to make oil that is completly safe and without any side effects like upsetting the stoumach. I use this distiller http://www.h2olabs.com/c-14-essential-oils-distiller.aspx it works great and it it allows me to reclaim the alcohol. I like to use lcohol from this company, http://organicalcohol.com/store/ they are a bit pricey, but worth it to achive a clean product. I have used the grape spirsts, but this time I will be ordering the grain spirts. I take the pills and so do my patients without stoumach issues. after taking the pills now for several years it is almost impossable for me to get high. 

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I can't take any oils or fats.  It makes me puke.  ANY oils or fats.  Eating is a real pain in the @$$.  My diet is very bland.  I eat a lot of grains and veggies.  That was my point.....that all patients aren't the same and some need oil to control their conditions.  Everyone should be able to use any form of MMJ as long as it works for them.


Also, and I've had others tell me the same.  When I eat MMJ, I get a lot more tired than if I smoke it.  I can eat a cookie or two and I don't get anything done for the rest of the day.  More power to those that ingest it though.  Whatever blows your skirt up, I always say.

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Here's a Kush Mag article on "Dabs" and another personal opinion.


A) you're freebasing.


B) you're smoking it with a torch


C) you're smoking a glass pipe


D) it's a crystal wafer


E) it's made with a chemistry process


F) it's $40 a gram


G) you're amazingly high


H) it looks similar to crack and meth


I) one can blow their house up producing it


To me, freebasing a chemistry based crystal wafer through a glass pipe with a torch is too much like smoking crack.  I didn't want to say it, mostly because of devicevness, secondly because of its legitimate medical application, but there it is.  This will make a lot of people hurt, won't win any friends or influence any people, but hey... it's the truth.  That's what I see when I see people dabbing.


It's socially acceptable, why?  I'm not quite sure.  I find it bizzare as a recreational drug.  It could even be mistaken for crack or meth by the casual observer.


Recreational use is about getting high for pleasure.  I support rec. use and freedom.  I can't endorse freebasing for fun.  I call it Mickey Mouse Meth.



Anyway, I don't wish to engage a conversation, that's just my position on it.  I'm sure others feel the same, but wisely wouldn't post it.  It's politically unpopular to say what I've said, truth or not.  Deep breathe, and post.

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