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Ancient Cannabis Antidotes

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Ancient cannabis antidotes. (A) Lemon (Citrus limon). (B) Calamus plant roots (Acorus calamus). © Pine nuts (Pinus spp.). (D) Black pepper (Piper nigrum).




Pretty interesting.  I wonder if there is any truth to it.  And it's interesting how I've heard that lemon and vanilla are the best additives and natural pairings for edible cannabis.



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  Adulteration of cannabis with tobacco, calamus, and other cholinergic compounds


At least one compound in calamus root (beta-asarone) blocks acetylcholinesterase (AChE). Contrary to expectations, AChE blockade diminishes cannabimimetic effects.



This could potentially be a viable option for individuals who might benefit from the agonist properties of THC, but would prefer to mitigate the psychotropic effects. 

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