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New Conditions Panel Meeting Announced For Public Testimony

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post-26720-0-99155200-1376429409_thumb.pngThis is the final public hearing on PTSD and Insomnia.


Insomnia is going to need major help to have any chance of passing.


PTSD was a 7-2 vote in favor, but it still needs testimony.  The same people who testified previously are welcome to make a return visit....



DATE:  Thursday, September 5, 2013

TIME:  1:00 PM

PLACE:  G. Mennen Williams Building, Williams Auditorium – 1st Floor

ADDRESS:  525 West Ottawa, Lansing, MI 48933


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People can only do what they can do.  I fully appreciate that.  But everyone should realize these meetings are important because the panel and the State look at them to see how much public interest there is on a topic, and, to see how the the public presenters do with their time and are they able to articulate how medical marijuana helps them for the condition before the panel.  In this case PTSD and Insomnia.


We need attendance and interest.  We need polite and good hearted people who will take time out of their own busy days to come and show support, and hopefully add their voices.


PTSD is really sitting in a favorable position.


Come on folks, let's try and give it a push and support our neighbors who suffer from PTSD....


And we all recognize cannabis helps with insomnia.... right now it is going down with a whimper.  The petition was quite thin, hence, unless the support at the public hearing quite compelling, well insomnia will not become a condition recognized as being helped by medical marijuana.


This is a site read by quite a few.  Will you come stand up?

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T Pain, it is a fantastic needed thing, for sure.  But I don't have the gear, and I am down on a stage listening, so it would be pretty hard to pull off.  There has never been issue with people taping or shooting video.


That being said, this is in an auditorium, so I would think it would be wired to go for both sound and video.


And yeah, note the location for the hearing is NOT at the same place as the last two times.  It is North and East of the Library in the G. Mennen Williams Building, in the Williams Auditorium - 1st Floor, 525 West Ottawa, Lansing 48933

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Hay, my testimony is already on tape and I request it be played.  I will write something up and submit it with the tape.


Dr. Bob

the transcript and video of your presentation are already in our packet of info, so that will not be necessary.


But anyone who testified who wants to add some additional testimony is welcome to do so.... same with written testimony....

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Am I correct in thinking that presenting oral testimony and putting written testimony in the record at the hearings is the best way to go? There are reasons for which I can testify to both. How many copies are required and how much time is permitted to speak?

I always put in written testimony when I testify orally and try to do the same visa versa.


There is no hard and fast time limit, but, if crowded they often ask to stay below 5 minutes (as an example).  At the last public comment hearing, so few people showed up you could have talked for a very very long time....


You only need one copy to submit (unlike in the House and Senate when they ask for 30 copies of all written testimony)

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It is neither accurate or polite or kind or the way you would yourself like to be treated.  Being rude to panel members does not benefit the medical marijuana cause in any way.  It is just like "real life":  some people you like, some not so much... but you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and Panel members are just like you and I, and they will respond the same too...


Keeping the discussion on the friendly side is always the best strategy in these type of groups, if you wish to have a chance to see your condition approved.

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 I am amazed that some of you are under the impression that these people already care. Newsflash! Most of them do not and some will never care about this issue. It is up to us to do our best to change that.  Half-assed attempts have already proven worthless, if you have good testimony find a way to be there and be heard. 

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