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Atomizer Spray

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Anyone have any experience with these?


I'm wondering about delivery amounts per spray. Sativex is THC 2.7mg/CBD 2.5mg (I think), but I have to wonder how seasoned the patients involved in their research were. If I account for tolerance, I'm wondering if I should be as high as 20mg per spray. Anyone here have any experience?

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I've been playing around with:


EtOH/propylene glycol

glycerin/propylene glycol


I think EtOH/glycerin tastes the best, but I'm assuming that EtOH/propylene glycol will be most effective. EtOH or propylene glycol on their own have an unpleasant taste, but for some reason when they're mixed together it's not half as bad imo.   

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Sublingual Spray


These are 4ml atomizer spray bottles.


There's 55-60 sprays per bottle. The bottle on the right has 500mg (8.33-9.09mg per spray) of concentrate. The one on the left has 300mg (5-5.45mg per spray)


The concentrate is suspended in 1:1 ration of EtOH/propylene glycol.


I plan to play around with terpenes to find some that are therapeutically beneficial and palatable. I also plan to add magnolia extract.


I know a patient that has issues with pain, has been through a number of pharmaceuticals, and after reluctantly trying, has found some relief from cannabis. The issue is that this person doesn't enjoy the act of smoking or the intensity of the high. For a patient like this, sublingual delivery methods are likely the best option. This person should be able to maintain a steady level of cannabinoids to treat the pain, but at the same time there shouldn't be an overwhelming activation of CB1 that can sometimes lead to experiencing a sense of anxiousness. 

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