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Atf Is Headband Or More Acccurately; Head Seizure.

pic book

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My 12 are 3 weeeks from finishing, but i got the taste and flavor and effect of what's coming up cause awkward me broke snapped a branch watering the 5 foot stalks.  Just dropped right off so i manicured and dried the 26 day old stem for 8 days, then smoked it uyesterday.  All the plants need to do is put on weight and fill out, cause at only 26 days the smoke grabbed my head and stuffeded it full and put multiple bands around and calmed my neck.


Could not tell if it was the thc or the cbd, but it worked for neck pain and shoulder discomfort.


i love the vigor of this matanuksa hybrid that is clone-only, and most defineitely bends toward sativa effects.

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this crop of atf finished at 54 days...atf is fmu* not atf


*fuckola me up


my microscope on USB port showed cloudy at 54 days...the smoke? fruity and aromataic, however, the tail end of the ride is down and ugly, with depression and upset stomach and wobbly head. a bad end to an initial euphoric high. atf is not meds that are helpful for my probs but it produces bettter than any plant i've ever indoors in soil...if dry weight is 25% of green trimmed weight, this crop averaged 7 1/4 oz in Promix BT with mycorrhizae and Ionic nutes at 1000 ppm and 6.1 ph in 5 gals


Greenleaf: looks like you are in detroit--you are welcome to come and smoke before wed sept 4 when more trees come down...

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