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What Was It Bill Hicks Said?

in vivo

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Oh yea. "It's just a ride."


I was going to skip this, but I feel as though an introduction is in order.


I've been a patient and caregiver here in MI since 2009. I met Greg and had him to my house when he was traveling around helping people start CC's. He helped with our first meeting. I won't get into the details, but in subsequent meetings there was a security issue that ended my participation. The club quickly dissolved after that.


From that point I have stayed anonymous for the most part. To me it seemed unfortunate that the more legitimate and medicinal a person attempts to be, the more they stick their neck out.


I'll admit that for a period of time, I viewed the medicinal aspects of cannabis as mostly hype. I offered free oil on a local board to anyone with cancer who was willing to share their success or failure, and the closest I got was a guy who wanted free flowers, but not trim or oil. That was over two years ago. Until about six months ago it was the last time I attempted to focus on the medicinal properties of cannabis. During that period I question my life goals, started going to school for environmental engineering, and focused on another passion, fungi and mycoremediation. 


I began reading about the medicinal properties of various compounds in fungi and thought that some of these compounds would be of benefit to patients that I know. I got together with some other caregivers, we put an event together for our patients, discussed the medicinal properties of various compounds, and also discussed whether or not they wanted CBD strains without psychotropic effects. I was surprised by the number of them that were interested. 


The decision was made to begin to produce CBD and also to test all of the strains currently being run. During the process of attempting to understand the medicinal properties of various cannabinoids, I was surprised by the vast amount of scientific information available that i wasn't previously aware of. I felt that this should be information that is focused on and discussed. I suspect that our ability to exploit these medicinal qualities is within reach. Even if it simply means being better "guestimators". This is why I'm here. To learn from and to help other learn here in MI. I debated if I should come to this board or a larger board elsewhere. I decided that it's MI that has provided me the legal opportunity to work with this plant that I've loved and grown for over 10 years. It's MI patients and caregivers that I aim to help first and foremost.


Thanks for having me, and I look forward to learning with you.     


"Here's Tom with the weather.."

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He's not a hero of mine, but he was a darn fine comedian. I think he was a master at crafting discussions about taboo topics in a humorous way so that the discussion could reach a larger audience. Too bad the only one that thinks that I'm funny is me. People would be as familiar with CB1 and CB2 as they are with "back and to the left". 

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and also discussed whether or not they wanted CBD strains without psychotropic effects. I was surprised by the number of them that were interested. 


My interest lies with higher levels of CBD et al. Sure, a good buzz is fine, but I'm beginning to believe the real magic is in the magical powers of the herb. Please continue to share what you learn.

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Alex Jones is a wackado. He seems to have had a noticeable impact on Hicks though. They were both in Austin under Sacred Cow.  


I didn't see the CNN episode. I think it's great that they've got the genetics, and that the media is showing it. I've got a cannatonic cut.

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