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Handgun Purchase Permit?


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No there is no more purchase permit if you buy from a FFL. If you buy private and do NOT have a CPL you do still have to obtain a purchase permit from the sheriff. The Sheriff will ask if you have a card or not, you decide your answer. You say yes you don't get your purchase permit. FFL asks if you unlawfully use or are addicted to illegal substances, again you decide what you select, if you put yes you don't get your pistol. If you have your CPL purchase permit isn't needed for anything, private or ffl sales. 

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Mine were done right there, unless there was a question about the gun.  I did have a problem with one, but it had never been registered before and they had to do some cop stuff with it.  Only took about a day.


CL is right, it is different if you have a cpl vs not, but I am not sure how. I didn't have one when I was working with the pistols.  


Dr. Bob

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Don't carry your card on you.  When asked if you are a MMM card holder, say no.  If they argue you claim ignorant and say, I'm not holding a card.  Check me...


Any form that asks if you are addicted to or are using any drugs, say no.  A) I can't get addicted to MJ, and b) I'm sober at the moment...  I do like Dr Bob's interpretation of the question, are you unlawfully using any substances, No, I am lawfully a MMJ user...


See the problem, in my eyes, is that these people, AG Schuette, Snyder, and on a federal level Holder, etc, they are breaking the laws and our constitution with the drug war, scheduling MJ as 1, etc.  BUT, they expect us to follow the letter of the law exactly.  Why do they get to break it constantly?


I know that doesn't fix the moral delimma, and just because someone else breaks a law doesn't mean you should...  But it is forced upon us.  Answering with a lie on the form is against the law, but asking it is against our laws, the constitution and the truth.  MJ cannot be a schedule 1 substance according to the definition of a Sched 1.  So think of it as Civil Disobedience when you answer "No".  Go fill in the form and answer no on it.  If asked why just a few days ago you said yes, say, Well the situation has changed.



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