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Caregiver Information


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I wish I could provide this info. to the state thru a secure source.  Patient could submit their application and caregiver submit their corresponding info.  Maybe thru a secure application number.   No big deal.  However, if you and patient go separate ways, not so comfortable.

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No one uses SS#s on documents that might be subject to public scrutiny. Why does the State do this?


My idea:  It is just one more way to hassle MM patients. They not only don't care about us, but they also seem to go out of their way to make our lives difficult.


I don't mind if they just don't like me, but when they intentionally throw roadblocks in front of me for no other reason than they disagree with my lifestyle, then I take offense.

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privacy is a legitimate concern and one that deserves a discussion.


unfortunately many caregiver to patient relationships do not withstand the test of time for one reason or another.


in this day and age your social security number and address are critical identifying information... it seems to me that you should defiantly know your patient or caregiver before giving out this information.


I would hope no one would utilize this information in a negative way but I understand the complexities of human interactions and it seems apparent this is something that needs to be addressed in every scenario. 


my advice would be to talk to a potential patient/caregiver many-many times.. interview several people who respond and may fulfill your needs and then follow your heart and instincts.


it is worthy of stating clearly upon the initiation of any professional relationship what you expect in the department of privacy to ensure both parties to the agreement can be mutually benefited.


ask.. then ask again... the only stupid question is the one you don't ask..


listen to the answers and make sure you are comfortable with them.


interview a caregiver or patient as you would be interviewing for any job that will provide you and your family with all of your needs.


medical necessity requires a mutually beneficial relationship between the caregiver and the patient.. if it is a true win-win scenario then it is all good.. if it is win-loose... then beware. 


please everyone try to recognize the dangers of giving out your personal information and do not do it lightly.

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your welcome lancy..


thank you for the questions..


it helps everyone when we ask questions and find a way to express community answers..


I hope you find a good pt-cg relationship that serves your needs..


glad you posted


I see you have been a longtime member so it pleases me that we can help answer any questions you may have.


hope you have a great evening.

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that defiantly helps king..


but remember..


the paperwork will serve as the card if the card does not arrive in 21 bus days.




the patient/caregiver has the other persons personal identifiable information on said paperwork and could use it in a unscrupulous way if for some reason they had mal intentions.



know your patients.

know your caregivers.

do not trust your information to a stranger.


do your best to protect your personal identifying information.

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SSN was not intended to be used as a "credit number".  It was for the social security office alone. 


That being said, get LifeLock (PITA in my opinion). 


I recommend a PO box as well.  If one of my PT's loses their wallet, I don't want anyone to know where I am growing at, assuming most CG's grow at home...  it asks for a mailing address, not your grow address.

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