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Finding A Md To Cert Me.

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The local hospital is good for crap, anyhow, but the M.D.s here have decided that they will not participate in the MedMari program in any way.  Therefore, I have to find a doctor that will certify me.


I'm in the Ironwood area.  That's as far west in the state as you can go.  WAY western U.P.   The local hosp is Aspirus Grand View.


There was a doc that used to come in to town before the law changed, earlier this year, but I've seen nothing of him in the last few months.


Suggestions?  I know I could travel out of town and find a doc, but I'm rather poor and travelling doesn't help my condition.  Is it legal for my doctor to refuse to participate?  I might understand if he said it's not something he would bring up, but I'm the one asking, and they tell me that the hospital med staff is not participating.



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There are clinics in Iron Mountain and Ironwood.


Iron Mountains next clinic date is Sept 15th at 7pm at GrowMaxx on US 2.  He was just here last week.


There are also clinics in Marquette, Houghton/Hancock.  Also Gladstone, but that is pretty far.


No Physician HAS to recommend or prescribe any type of drug. 



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Thanx Doc.  I'll be calling, soon.  


Please disregard the other post that I made this afternoon.  Honestly, I forgot that I posted this thread, and reposted.  There's no way to delete a thread once they're started, and I can't mark a thread resolved.  


anyhow, this is a great resource, and I'll be coming back often.  (BTW....I like "Ironwoodians".  Never heard that before.  However I'm not sure what the actual term might be, so this is as good as any other, I suppose.)

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