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Flint City Council To Discuss Medical Marijuana Ordinance, Tax Breaks

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FLINT, MI – Numerous medical marijuana dispensaries could be forced to move under changes to city ordinance that could be approved during the Flint City Council meeting tonight.

Council President Scott Kincaid said the changes to the ordinance could include moving dispensaries at least 1,000 feet away from an church, school or park and that a dispensary couldn’t be in a strip mall.

Kincaid said businesses that opened before Aug. 8, 2011 – when the city put a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries – would be grandfathered in and could remain at their current location.

He said the Green Bean, on Atherton Road, would be able to stay because it opened before the moratorium, but Kincaid estimated six or seven dispensaries would have to move.

The following dispensaries were in operation in June, according to city records: 


  • Michigan Compassion Care Center, 434 W. Water St. 
  • The Green Bean 1625 W. Atherton Road 
  • Michigan Safe-Transfer, 3401 Corunna Road 
  • P2PMeds, 1011 S. Ballenger Highway 
  • Green Dream, 3600 S. Dort Highway, Suite 60 
  • UGS Corp., 3316 S. Dort Highway 
  • We Grow Education and Collective, 2849 Miller Road 
  • Michigan Grow, LLC, 3553 S. Dort Highway 
  • MI Organic Solutions, 3549 S. Dort Highway, Suite 106


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