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No Dispenseries And Dead Plants

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No dispenseries in a legal MMJ state is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. I can grow it myself, and have been since I got my card, but I had a family emergency a few weeks ago and had to leave town. According to the MMMP  I am the only one allowed in my grow room, so I had to leave it unattended. Of course all my plants died while I was gone. I have now completely run out of meds. When I first moved here I could visit dispenseries during any lapse in my plants, but not anymore. Now I am left without meds, and without any real good options to get any.

  If I start more plants it will be at least three months, and if I get a caregiver I still have to wait almost a month to be legal to recieve meds from them. I live in the very tiny town of Three Oaks and have no close friends in Michigan. With the "no patient to patient transfers" it seems it would be illegal to even share a joint with another patient anyway. This is crazy that I may have to go out of state and buy nasty cartel weed from my old sources just so I can medicate. This is not the "compassion" I expected when I moved up here last year. I have seen the already vague laws get even worse.

 I see the MMMP welcomes other states MMJ cards, but where do they get meds when they visit? Do they have to file for a caregiver and wait 21 days? ABSURD!!

Any suggestions? Any caregivers with an opening near Three Oaks? I am a cash paying patient, I am not looking for any freebies or discounts. I only want some decent medicine to help my health issues. Thank you all for your time!


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Plenty of dispensaries running out there.....you shouldn't have any problem.

I'll check the search sites, but I can't imagine anybody would be advertising as "open" with all the recent bust. I used to drive to the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area, but all them are closed now. Being way down here in the very SW tip of the state, there is nothing down here except acres and acres of farmland and a few wineries. I've pretty much kept to myself and haven't got out to meet anybody since moving here. But, I'm seriously considering walking around this little town till I smell something and then beg for mercy. ;) Thanks for the reply!

P.S. Love the name! I'm a musician too. I play Carvin guitars. Wish I had a Les Paul though! One day maybe. Thanks again!

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You have recourse to work under the auspices of sec. 8 to continue to acquire from anyone you designate as your caregiver, with or without registration, until your card is issued or 21 days elapse or as long as you wish without. It can be a straightforward and simple matter, Confidentiality is even more essential than it is with registration.


It is not the optimal fix, but is out there. Getting yourself registered is best, but these are not the best circumstances. Until and unless that happens, you have decisions to make.

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Actually I think the courts do not care and even hope that you cannot get meds. They would rather strengthen the black market than actually allow someone to provide you meds in a proper time frame and through the proper channels. They know exactly what they are doing. There should be plenty of dispensaries still open though.

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They're making it difficult #1 to discourage people from taking advantage of the Gratitude of the Citizens of the State to use a mislabeled herb for therapeutic health benefits.


 And they are profiting handsomely from our donations.


 Compassion is a grey area to them. Possibly un-American, even ?


Like Organized Labor or National Health Insurance or Nuclear Disaster Insurance ...

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