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Sick Plant...help Please


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This blight hits my plants when overwet with too little air movement. i rip the diseased leaves---(they're almost all at the lower portion of the plant) off and the plant goes to all-green when the moisture and ventilation are solved.

Is it mites? No, and i have no idea what ph would cause this.

Highlander: if u were to swing the ph badly (up/ down? or either), would your famously green and 100% healthy plants in soil, display this rust?

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In my opinion your first problem is your using Ionic.  Are you adding calcium & magnesium? Just Water & Ionic alone don't have all the minerals or micro nutrients you need to get healthy growth. Also this could be a foliage feed burn. Did you spray them with anything? I have a friend using the same nute line with bubble buckets & the same problems. But I have never used hydro for alot of reasons. One Reason is that I don't have a mentor to show me how and why hydro is better (if they can)...

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That type of severe lockout is why I left Ionic years ago.  I think that it is incompatible with the Detroit water supply because they add a Calcium Ion to protect the old iron pipes.  Calcium is a metal that can have six ionic configurations called cations.  If you stay with Ionic then your option is RO or distilled water.  But then you have to condition that water to "hold a charge" before adding the Ionic.  Another reason I left Ionic was the salty build-up that was a constant cause of clogged drippers.  Switched to the DynaGro stuff that Long Hair knowitall uses and been fine ever since even with tap water.  It's economical to boot.

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Sorry for late response, meters are always calibrated, checked Ph meter it was dead nuts at 7 which is what the calibration solution is. I been flushing and they are looking better, flushed 4 days and i am giving nutes today at 700 ppm. Checked ph and it is at 5.8 which is what i believe to be what it should be for DWC. Thx for info purchased some cal mag.

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UPDATE: Flower plants are good now, some cal mag helped it. Stones and pump new. Air is piped in from outside scrubbed.


Ok now on to current things. Man what a roller coaster of issues. And it will be getting cold soon oyyyy.


Ok here we go with round two of sick plant problems.


This is happening currently in my veg,






res 70 degrees

environment 68 to 72

humid 45%

PPM 850

Ph 6.0

plant is 3 weeks old from germ.

These are current as of 10 min ago


I am not understanding the way it is discoloring from the node out?

As always thx for the help....

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