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I work in the restaurant equipment industry, if this isn't allowed let me know but I'm personally ordering some 36x72" racks that are 7' tall with 3 shelves for veg shelving. There's add-on shelves that can hold 4 10x20 trays/heating mats (21" deep x 42" long, add-on shelf to make an "L").


Costs vary depending what you need, sizes, etc. but if anyone's interested in using a system like this shoot me a message. You can hang a T5 from underneath the top shelf, have 4-5' for vegging plants, and the bottom shelf for cloning/seedlings, or just storage. They also make great racks for easy to put up / easy to take down shelving.


A 48x36 will -not- hold a 4' T5 without sticking out the ends. A 60" will though. Check your equipment dimensions, or have them handy, if you message me.


If I can get enough people together ($1800 order) I can offer a discount on freight.


Here's a link to their catalog: http://www.nexelshelf.com/1/n1.pdf



Piece it together, or buy a kit, I hope I can help some people out with this!

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