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Growing Stages


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As a first year grower I was hoping to get some help on growing stages.. I would like to know how long each stage should be taking me and witch bulbs are greatly recommended for each stage... right now I run 3 300 watt compact florescent bulbs in a 4x6 walk in... I use pro mix soil and dyna grow for my nutes... plants look green and I'm in my 3rd week and plants show groth daily.. I also run my plants on a timer at 18-6..ph is around 6.0 ..any helpful things to keep me healthy would be appreciated thanks

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Veg until the plants show sex.


After the nodes alternate / stagger nodes (as opposed to the even and symmetrical nodes in veg) you can throw them in flower light hours.


The number of weeks depend on your plant genetics, Indica versus Sativa , or what amounts of each, if its a hybrid (most are).


You can find the average plant time in most grow books.

Also the books will have information on when to harvest.

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