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Unsulin Dependant Mmj Ideas

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Hello i know there is another thread below but it says specifically type2. Im looking for any and all input from people who are insulin dependant. In looking for ideas on what i can do with medical mj to help my blood sugars. It is already sucessfull in helping my neuropathy pain and making it more tolerable to spend the whole day chasing highs and lows I am wondering what i can do that will have a impact on my vlood sugar levels...any way to make me more sensitive to insulin while not taking me down like an edible. Thanks in advance for any ideas or info you all can share

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Definitely work with a doctor for diabetes. In the past I was able to control mine with a low carb diet and exercise. Stay away from anything that has sugar added. If it is naturally occurring you're generally OK. Make sure you keep track of your blood glucose levels so you know how different foods effect it.


I currently have to take steroids and they throw everything off. But, when I'm off of them I hope to be insulin free again.

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CB2 blockers (like CBD) are believed to increase insulin sensitivity.







The endocannabinoid system has a key role in energy storage and metabolic disorders. The endocannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2R), which was first detected in immune cells, is present in the main peripheral organs responsible for metabolic control. During obesity, CB2R is involved in the development of adipose tissue inflammation and fatty liver. We examined the long-term effects of CB2R deficiency in glucose metabolism.


Mice deficient in CB2R (Cb2 / [also known as Cnr2]) were studied at different ages (2–12 months). Two-month-old Cb2 −/− and wild-type mice were treated with a selective CB2R antagonist or fed a high-fat diet.


The lack of CB2R in Cb2 −/− mice led to greater increases in food intake and body weight with age than in Cb2 +/+ mice. However, 12-month-old obese Cb2 −/− mice did not develop insulin resistance and showed enhanced insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle. In agreement, adipose tissue hypertrophy was not associated with inflammation. Similarly, treatment of wild-type mice with CB2R antagonist resulted in improved insulin sensitivity. Moreover, when 2-month-old Cb2 −/− mice were fed a high-fat diet, reduced body weight gain and normal insulin sensitivity were observed.


These results indicate that the lack of CB2R-mediated responses protected mice from both age-related and diet-induced insulin resistance, suggesting that these receptors may be a potential therapeutic target in obesity and insulin resistance.


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Other than CBD, it looks like cannabinoids aren't going to be of much help in the treatment of diabetes.


Cannabinoids Inhibit Insulin Receptor Signaling in Pancreatic β-Cells



 Furthermore, CB1R activation impedes insulin-stimulated IR autophosphorylation on β-cells in a Gαi-dependent manner.

These findings provide direct evidence for a functional interaction between CB1R and IR signaling involved in the regulation of β-cell proliferation and will serve as a basis for developing new therapeutic interventions to enhance β-cell function and proliferation in diabetes.


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