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I suffer from Hyperekplexia. This is a very rare disorder (300-400 in the world). The glycine and glycine receptor do not connect in the brain. The amygdala interprets most stimuli as a primordial threat. Something in CBDs reduces the perceived threat level. It lowers the sound and visual startles by about 90%. It has also reduced my exaggerated body movements.   It has no effect on tactile stimuli. It also restored some tasks that I was able to prior to my stroke and spinal tap.  I am glad to have this option open.  I can give you a shout out when I gasp during a startle.  The neurologist will always be testing each time, as a game, but it is always be a sensory-motor response.    This is my first post, but I have been watching this site for information.


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Thanks for both of your replies.  in vivo, yes too much THC exacerbates the condition, but the CBDs calm.   We have a problem navigating through obstacles normally.  Too much THC and we can not navigate our steps as we should and either freeze or fall.  Too much can also amount to couch lock; we are already a maximum isolationist to avoid startles.

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