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58 Day Mite Ban: An Encapsulated Systemic Residual Miticide?

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At Hydro Giant the clerk told me a quart of the cream-colored stuff is $79 and stops all mite activity from occcurring on the plant.  Must be used in VEG only so it makes sense to apply the last day before flower and for most strains, it will protect from mites the whole flowering But I can't remember the name.

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I agree it should only be a last resort. Preferably not.

Floramite SC ... 8 ozs $129

32 449


said it lasts 28 days


Do Not Use in Flower!


Read Label 5 times


1 8oz Bottle = up to 200 gals


1.2 ml / gal


Here's a nice converter app- _DigitalDutch

Should be sufficient for 5 - 6 peeps

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here's a MUCH better solution, the first systemic pesticide legal and rated for greenhouse and food-crop use.


Kontos works like magic!. The only thing that could be considered a down side is it takes about two weeks before you see results. can be kind of hard to wait that long with heavy infestations. I've seen gardens covered with webs and crawling with mites completely pest free after keeping up with azamax waiting for the "Special K" to kick in!. I also like that it's the same mixture for every application method........dip, foliar spray, root application....5 drops per gallon


price and dose are comparable with avid/floramite/ forbid, only this one is rated, legal for food crops and usable/sellable in both Co and Ca


I bought mine here on Amazon

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