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Why Be Happy When You Can Be Interesting?

in vivo

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    A person I know still had a crush on his girlfriend that sent him a Dear John letter while he was in Nam. He got married to someone else when he got home,2 kids.34 years of marriage. He told anybody that would listen what an evil witch his wife was,she did this to him,his kids hated him,blah blah blab. Even said she SABOTAGED his grow. BUT KEPT IN TOUCH WITH THE GIRLFRIEND that dumped him 40 years ago. Always said they were just good friends. Girlfriend was also married 34 years,kids,and a rich husband that she cheated on. The Husband suffered for years from ALS until he finally died recently. As SOON as he was dead,the stupid man,now 60,jumps right into bed with her,probably the SAME bed the guy died in.(wonder if the husbands body was cold yet?) Even admits he has to use Viagra,lol! Tells the wife he is leaving her,moves his grow and his old donkey in with the girlfriend. He threw away everything just for a piece of 60 year old cucci? Yep. Sometimes you get what you want....but is it what you need? To me he is just an old fool with dyed hair,veneers on his teeth and has to take a pill to get it up.... and a not so very good LIAR. Once a liar and cheat,always a liar and cheat.

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Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it, It has happened to me a few times, and it realy is not what you think it would be!  sometimes it is good for a while, sometimes it is only good for a very short period of time, and some times it actualy may work out!  Its a craps shoot!



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