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I'm confused by the 90% indica comment.


I'm not sure that you'll find a clear cut answer to your question. Identifying the type, cause, and location of pain, will help you to determine how to target it. You may also want to look into other natural sources compounds, this is discussed in the Entourage thread, in the research section.

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The 90% came from an inventory of products from a local dispensary.. They listed this strain as 90% indica and 10% sativa. The stats of the THC,CBDs and CBNs are also listed. I was also confused,and figured someone here would know. This pt would have spinal stenosis and pain causing anxiety,and an underlying inflammatory and immune system DX. Will check out the thread,thank you.

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try this site, its trying to map which strains help for which ailments.




you can click each symptom to add or subtract until you get some strains that might work.

the problem is even if you find a strain that works for one patient, it might not work for another patient with the exact same disease.

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Here's a crude over generalization based solely on THC, CBD, and CBN: 


The highest THC content, in combination with the lowest CBD content, in combination with the lowest CBN, might have the most potential to evoke excitatory responses, which might not be good for anxiety.


The highest THC, in combination with the highest CBN, in combination with the lowest CBD, might be a good sedative or sleep aid. This might also be an effective combination for treating pain in some individuals, due to higher CB2 activation.


The highest CBD ratio might be an option worth exploring for anxiety and pain, especially if any strain have ever made the anxiety worse.


Without testing for terpenes it's a bit of a crap shoot, but they should be able to provide some guidance to you. Other than paying attention to CBD, I would advise to go with whatever is most appealing to your senses.

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The fact of the matter is there probably wont be an accurate comparison from one strain to the other, in fact even the same strain. unless of course you get it from the same grower, then you have more of a chance of getting the same thing over and over. There are so many variables to thc,cbd, etc in different strains even strains that are also 90% indica and 10% sativa, if that makes any sense.

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