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Flushing Man Growing Medical Marijuana Knocks Out Power To Neighboring Homes


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FLUSHING, MI -- A male caregiver knocked out power to neighbors in his Flushing neighborhood after putting a little too much strain on the power grid while growing medical marijuana.

Flushing Police Chief Mark Hoornstra said law his department received a call Wednesday, Sept. 11 to Crestview Street from Consumers Energy security making them aware of a brownout that had taken place in the area.

"We went out and made contact with the homeowner and found out he was a caregiver," said Hoornstra. "He had a basement full of marijuana plants."

The homeowner was found to have a zoning ordinance violation, as caregivers in Flushing have to apply for a special land use permit and operate within the general business district.

Hoornstra said the issue falls under a civil infraction, with the homeowner issued an appearance date "so that we can sit down with him and the city attorney to make sure we’re all on the same page in what direction we are going with this."



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This guy does not have to comply. Perhaps he should sit down and gently explain to Hoonrstra and the City Attorney Peter Bade the provision of the MMA that says he shall not be fined or penalzed in any way. I think it not unreasonable to think the issue can be shelved pending the ruling by the SC in Ter Beek.

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 For a CG in western Wayne County, running 84,000 watts per pole barn (and he has 2 barns in his backyard), the prospect of causing a brown out was a concern.

DTE installed a huge effffing cable to bring the power and prevent the CGs pole barn from darkening other homes in the area.

That's the diff when you hire a Master Electrician to advise your grow.

This sheithead in Flushing makes probs for all cgs:  gov reg follows such dumfuk actions.

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Did anyone know of him? 84 1000 watt lights seem to = a lot of plants IMHO i  knew of someone that had 28  1,000Watts flowering lights and 16 1,000 Watt Veg lights  in one barn and even then they could only do about 220 plants there flowering room.


 and 200 in there Veg  room and their DTE Bill was 3,000 dollars a month but they also had 6, 36,000 BTU A/C to keep it cool 

It would take 4 people working 8+ hours just to water them every 4 to 5 days and the plants would finish at just over 2 feet tall with 2.5 oz per plant and it would take 6 people 2 weeks  just to harvest them.


He told me one day that he liked the #420 but none of them even used Cannabis they would have 20 or more tables 4x10 set up at Harvest time because he had to mark each table as Day #1 #2 #3 and so on because each table would dry as the weeks went by and as we know all Cannabis from that grow would start to look the same 


PS i just may go look this guy up as he may need some help at Harvest time and i could use the money

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84,000 watts per pole barn?????????  That's 84 1000w lights!  

i know the master electrician, his team, and the grower, who has 

lots of space on 28 mostly vacant acres in western wayne county.

Such pole barns are the shape of the future.  They willl dot the countryside by the thousands. 

Holder blinked and opened his mouth and cleared the way...

NEXT: the weed deluge.  Tape at 11.

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