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Hello! Come Say Hi!

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Hello All!

I have moved the beginning of this year to the west side of the state with my wife, a 30 year michigander...no myself am a transplant from the east coast. I am a advanced healthcare worker who has been serious about meds for over 12 years now.

I bring some different views and some wicked strains from the east coast that I would love to discuss with you all. 517 headband.......yeah the east coast 518 headband (true area name!) Is a stronger follower of the funky kerosene smelling sour diesel it pays in its lineage.....I will have to find more " legit 517 hb" and continue to follow.


My game is all about superior patient care and unique elite genetics.....drop me a line and say hello, professional individual very discrete.


Always accepting applications for patients; I will be picky, as we all should, and look for professionals with strong needs to join my care....


Have a great day.....pics etc soon to come!

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Is this a request for more patients?

And hello and welcome to you as well! ;)



I also do a lot with holistics and reiki make kombucha and tons of interesting things....drop me a line especially if your on the west of the state! See you guys in traverse city!

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To clarify, this is a intro page, this was not to solicit new patients. The details were just covering the " who am I, what do I do" portion of the intro. Please feel free to contact me for networking purpose.



Pic are in the gallery under dankthsea tasty treats

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