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Putting Ph Up In Your Drinking Water For Alkaline?

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Forgive me if this is the most ridiculous question being that if i spill my up or down on a painted surface it corrodes it away, but i have been really looking into water, what it can do for us in terms of health. The reviews on ionizers are amazing and the science seems legit, which is why i am asking this. Why use an ionizer for your water when a drop or two of ph can raise the alkalinity? if anyone can shed any light on this id appreciate it. Im tempted to just mix up a glass of ph 10.0 water and slow sip it to see if there are any ill effects.

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F&LinGR and Malamute, I'm happy that you both found this section of the forum. I look forward to your ongoing participation. 


Anyone in the future that has random questions is asked to please post them in the Study Group thread. If this thread could be deleted, or moved, I'd appreciate it. 


Oh, and don't put PH Up in your drinking water..

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