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True Living Organics And Slight Mold On The Soil Towards The 12Th Day Of 14

Farmer returns

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Ok we are just started on an 8x8 and a 9x9 room for flowering...these rooms have both been filled with 7 and 3 gallon smart pots filled with the true organic soil formula. These are then allowed to prep for 2 weeks. We are nearing the end of 2 wk period and there was some slight mold in 2 of the pots out of the bunch.

We followed advice online for removing the top layer of mold, and basically a lot of info online said not to worry it is just a sign that the soil is alive ready for life too...

Is the mixtures stirring that we are doing now all we need to do or is there something else. There are absolutely no plants in this soil yet it was being prepped for vegetating. We want to know is the soil ok or should we start from scratch?

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i assume you didnt have lights on in your room?

mold grows in the dark and wet.


maybe your dirt is too moist?

get out your detector and find out if the soil isnt draining properly.


you could call the number on the dirt bag and see what they say about mold.


theres many kinds of mold, some good, some bad.

sometimes its harmless ... sometimes not.


but it is an indicator that your soil is wet.

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