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Illegal Pot Growing Operation Busted In Metro Detroit


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I watched the Video and Im scratching my head [an som puffs] "What did they do?" Ch4 says they're criminals? Cops too ... Cities bancrupt but keepin track of plant counts?  No Sales?? Illegal buys??? 


and the Federal Governmment is shut down! ...something about cops swarming hte Caapitol on the tube .now ....gunshots...


...one injured , they're all on lock down , sounds like a disgruntled employee/patriot type thing ... "Shelter in Place"  ?


seems to be isolated incident.  


" immediate threat over "   , 1 Female dead   rip baby

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The one thing that got me about the video, The neighbor wasn't even concerned, didn't notice anything unordinary. Houses seemed fairly respectable, perps were not selling outta da house? Nobody complaining about noxious fumes, lights being on,...Where's the problem? Paying taxes, utilities. License fees ...


...nice comment on the Chumps4News article LHB, they wouldn't play mine, shame on them...

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