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Telling Male From Female


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Hi I am a first year grower and I have about 12 plants that are all about 5 weeks and there all about 6 to 8 inches tall..there all really bushy and looking good.. really looking to find out how tall they need to be or what ever it may be for me to separate male from female.. all the help I can get would be great thanks... the strains are og kush and godzilla..

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what hours of light are you giving them?

there are grow guides and books available online that will help you. have you read any of them yet?


male will drop a bunch of balls. 

females will have white pistils.


they are easy to tell apart. when they finally show.

you feel nervous waiting for them? dont worry, it'll happen eventually!


i guess the easy way is that the male balls show up in groups.

the female stamins show up usually 2 per node.

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