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OK I'm new here and I know nothing about Marijuana. I have a caregiver but I'm out of town and have a question. I stopped into a dispensary and bought some product called co2 oil. It comes in a syringe type container and is listed as ndica 90/10 blueberry.thc 68.42cbn1. I was told to put a drop about 1/2 the size of a grain of rice on my finger and eat it. 

It taste nasty and I have had mixed results. The first time I tried it I was not able to sleep and thats a ongoing issue with me so I repeated a few hors latter and a again around 3 am. I went to sleep but was still stoned in the morning and felt sick.

Is there a better way to use this product. I use a vaporizer now and get ok relief from pain but still can't get a full nights sleep.

I should have asked more questions when I bought this liquid product but to late now. Any help here would be helpful. I will get on the forum and introduce myself latter.  

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I am fairly sure that it is simply extracted cannabis oil and can be used in your vaporizer just like with your bud except highly concentrated, which in turn will make it that much stronger than vaporizing a bud. Ingesting it takes longer to take full effect but does stay in the system longer in my opinion, accounting for the effects you felt in the morning. Try vaporizing it but remember a small amount will go a long way.

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If it tastes nasty, it is. I know for a fact it is not "C02" oil. Super critical Extraction with c02 gases is a very dangerous and expensive task, A special licensing is required, and the pharmaceutical industry has these. They require an entire safe room for operation, and ridiculous pressures and temps also. Anyone with a machine and licensing from the dea to own and operate one would inherently be smart enough not to supply a dispensary with substandard nasty oil. You probably got stuck with an incomplete naptha extraction, made with scraps and trimmings. arrgh.


If its runny, its funny, dispose of it at once. It should stand up at attention until warmed.post-35225-0-45820200-1382462545_thumb.jpg


or be crispy clear goodness.post-35225-0-25813200-1382462586_thumb.jpg


and dry like this post-35225-0-05037100-1382462690_thumb.jpg


sounds like you got some post-35225-0-33619900-1382462715_thumb.jpg


next time sniff it. it should smell like fresh -post-35225-0-67000300-1382462874_thumb.jpg


hope that helps. hang in there. I think you would benefit more from vaporizing bud.

extracts are best enjoyed by seasoned spot pokers, like you, real soon !


happy healing !

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