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Ter Beek Back In Play

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The MSC begins hearing oral arguments today, 10/8/13, on its October Docket. Ter Beek is scheduled on Thursday, 10/10/13.





For live streaming arguments see: http://courts.mi.gov/courts/michigansupremecourt/oral-arguments/pages/default.aspx

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Does any one have an educated opinion on how this will go,what are the chances they would invalidate the law.

Oh well,if they did i would just go back underground,i think it was better in some ways.

Never had to worry about a having thc in your system when pulled over by leo for a burned out taillight.

Good news for the drug cartels,back to business as usual.

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the supreme court just decided people vs koon and sec 7e 'all other acts inconsistent with this act do not apply to the MMMA'.

the court of appeals opinion came to that conclusion.

so it would be strange for the MSC to turnaround and say wyoming or livonia's ban DO apply.


invalidating the entire law?

the supreme court has seen 5 years of cases on the MMMA.

it would be very strange for them to turn everything around and call it invalid now.

arizona, california, washington and other state supreme courts have upheld their state medical marijuana laws.

so it would be very strange to see michigan's be invalidated.


are they just throwing a bone to the prosecutors association and michigan municiple league?

'we heard your case, even tho it was never going to win... happy now?'

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I don't think it unreasonable to expect the Court to affirm its primacy and prerogatives in addressing the laws of the State of Michigan, essentially telling the feds and the City to suck eggs. There is prior case law in other states, and in fact here in MI, that establishes precedent in this regard. That may be a little too optimistic. The Justices could just as well have let the COA ruling stand, and not bother. It will be interesting to see what facets of the law they will consider, and it is assured that they see something in the case worthy of closer consideration.

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Recently, the Oregon Supreme Court applied the holding of Michigan Canners to invalidate an Oregon statute that authorized the use of medical marihuana in the case Emerald Steel Fabricators, Inc v Bureau of Labor and Industries, 348 Or 159; 230 P3d 518 (2010). 


well i guess the Oregon people did get your memo

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