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Pot For Potholes? Colbert Highlights Idea To Fix Michigan Roads By Legalizing, Taxing Marijuana


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LANSING, MI -- A plan tofund Michigan road repairs by legalizing and taxing marijuana isn't going anywhere in the state Capitol, but it got some traction Tuesday night on national television.

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert highlighted the "pot for potholes" idea promoted by state Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, during a satirical news segment on various national efforts to legalize or decriminalize marijauna.

"It's not enough that pot is no longer bad for us, the dope pushers are now trying to tell us it's the solution for all our fiscal problems," Colbert said. "Like the Michigan state lawmaker who's proposing to legalize and tax marijuana in order to boost funding for road repairs in a plan supporters call 'pot for potholes.'"

"Yeah, maybe that would work. But once they fill every pothole, what do you think they would legalize to fix every crack?"

For the record, "pot for potholes" is more of an idea than a formal proposal at this point. Callton has expressed an interest in taxing and legalizing marijuana but has not introduced any legislation to that effect. 

He has, however, introduced a bill to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries and co-sponsored a bill to decriminalize the drug in Michigan.

"You can tax the heck out of marijuana," Callton told Michigan Radio last month, "put it into a separate fund for Michigan roads - because it doesn't seem like that money is going to come from anywhere else at this point in time - and it's a cute name, 'pot for potholes.'"

Check out the "Colbert Report" clip in the embedded player above.

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