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General Question About The System


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hey everyone im a newbie here i have a few questions bear with me please

1. do i have to register as a caregiver or can any patient just assign me to be a caregiver, if i have to register how do i register

2. if im a caregiver im allowed 5 patients that means i may only give marijuana to 1 of my patients and not any other cardholder? how come i see tons of ads on CL advertising sale to any cardholder?



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1. the patient and you have to sign some forms. you cant register as a cg-only alone.


2. only registered cg2pt transfers are covered under section4 of the mmma.

the section8 defense is only used in court, after you are arrested, for transferring marihuana to people you arent registered with in the system. so the craigslist people have lots of balls. or enforcement is lax in some areas.


oakland county seems the worst in the state for mmj. so if you can, avoid that county. good luck

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